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No prior experience needed for these courses. 
Perfect for absolutes beginners.


Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your first steps in sewing!

Join our one-day sewing workshop, where you'll learn the fundamentals of using a sewing machine and create your very own custom t-shirt. Perfect for complete beginners, our hands-on workshop will guide you through the basics of sewing, from threading your machine to finishing your first project.

In just one day, you'll gain the skills and confidence to start your sewing journey. Our expert instructors will provide personalized guidance and support, ensuring you feel comfortable and inspired to continue creating.

Take home your new t-shirt and a newfound passion for sewing.

Sign up now and let's get sewing!


- The A-Z of threading and using a sewing machine.

- How to make a t-shirt.

- How to apply print to fabric.

All materials will be provided at no extra cost.

Woman Cutting Fabric


Unleash your creativity!

DURATION: 4 days

Join our fun & interactive entry-level sewing course, perfect for beginners. Learn the basics, create unique projects, and gain confidence in a supportive environment.

Our expert instructor will guide you through interactive lessons, helping you develop new skills and a passion for sewing.

Start stitching your way to self-expression today!


-The A-Z of threading and using a sewing machine.

-How to make a pillowcase.

-How to make a tote bag.

-How to make a t-shirt.

-How to make a simple dress

All material will be provided at no extra cost.



Welcome to the world of pattern making and sewing!

DURATION: 20 days

weekend classes also available

Are you eager to create your own clothes, but don't know where to start? Our beginner-friendly foundation  course is perfect for you! 
In this comprehensive program, you'll learn the fundamentals of sewing, from operating a sewing machine to creating your own garments.

Through a combination of hands-on instruction and guided practice, you'll master the skills of:

- Sewing machine operation and maintenance
- Accurate Pattern making 
- Garment construction and finishing. 
Racheal Adio will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized support and encouragement. By the end of the course, you'll have the confidence and skills to create your own unique garments and take your sewing journey to the next level.

Join us and discover the joy of sewing! Sign up now and start creating the clothes you've always wanted.

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CB34D1DB-2C4B-48F2-9B19-261E2B3F1057 (1)_edited.jpg


Previous experience/study in pattern making required.

Tailor's Tools


This is an upgrade of the foundational course

DURATION: 20 days

Weekend classes also available

Are you an experienced sewer looking to challenge yourself and expand your repertoire?
Our advanced course is designed for those who have mastered the basics and are ready to tackle more complex and technical projects.
In this comprehensive program, you'll dive into the world of advanced garment construction, learning expert techniques for various garments such as jackets, Asymmetrical dresses, cowl necklines etc. 
Our expert instructor will guide you through advanced pattern making, fabric manipulation, and construction techniques, helping you refine your skills and achieve professional-level results.
Join our advanced course and unlock new possibilities in your sewing journey.
Perfect your craft, push your creativity, and take your garments to the next level.
Sign up now and experience the thrill of creating truly exceptional pieces!

Wedding Dress


Unveil the Art of Elegance: Evening Wear and Bridal Sewing Course

Take your sewing skills to the pinnacle of sophistication with our Evening Wear and Bridal course designed for advanced sewists, this comprehensive program delves into the intricate world of high-end garment construction, where precision, attention to detail, and mastery of technique are paramount.

In this exclusive course, you'll learn the art of creating exquisite evening wear and bridal garments, including:

- Luxurious evening gowns with intricate beading and embroidery
- Delicate wedding veils and headpieces
- Exquisite bridal gowns with complex construction and embellishments

Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you'll refine your skills in:

- Advanced pattern making and draping
- Fabric manipulation and handling delicate materials
- Intricate hand-sewing and embellishment techniques
- Precision fitting and tailoring

Join our Evening Wear and Bridal course and unlock the secrets of creating breathtaking, red-carpet-worthy garments. Elevate your sewing skills and become the master of elegance and sophistication.

Sign up now and unleash your creativity!


Exceeding Expectations

This is for people who want one on one classes either on our site or at the comfort of their own home.

you can also book this if you want an instuctor for a school or a group of people.

please contact to arrange this class.

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